Carly’s doctoral project through the University of Melbourne was Australia’s first empirical and psychologically-grounded research on judicial stress in Australia.

The study involved 152 judicial officers from five Australian courts, and explored the nature, prevalence, and severity of judicial stress, as well as the factors that promote and undermine judicial wellbeing.

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Major reports

The psychological impact of judicial work: Australia’s first research measuring judicial stress and wellbeing.

Schrever, Hulbert, & Sourdin (2019)

This first report arising from the research addresses the question: ‘Are judicial officers stressed?’, by comparing judicial officers’ stress levels on a range of measures, with those of the broader legal profession, other professional groups and the general population.

Where stress presides: Predictors and correlates of stress among Australian judges and magistrates

Schrever, Hulbert, & Sourdin (2021)

The second report addresses the question: ‘Which judicial officers are most stressed, and why?’, by considering the demographic and workplace factors associated with higher stress among judges and magistrates.

Where stress presides: Investigating occupational stress within the Australian judiciary

Schrever (2023)

Carly’s full doctoral thesis incorporates the published empirical studies, as well as other chapters exploring the background and context of the research, a review of existing literature, and a summary of the implications and impacts of the overall research project.

Summary articles

Australia’s first research measuring judicial stress and wellbeing: A preview of the findings

Schrever (2018), commencing at page 859

Australia’s first research measuring judicial stress: What does it mean for judicial officers and the courts?

Schrever (2019)

Judging stress

Schrever (2022)

How to manage the downside of compassion

Ryan and Schrever, Law Institute Journal (June 2023)

Judicial stress, the unmentionable and the undeniable: A summary of Australia's first empirical research measuring stress in judicial work

Schrever, Commonwealth Judicial Journal (June 2023)

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